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Why should you CHOOSE sixt7 gmbh quality control instruments ?

For high-quality containers
For lighter containers
To overcome production process variations
To overcome scrap issues / waste of material
To improve line efficiency and reduce overall production costs
For an Eco-friendly production


Six-T7 GmbH is providing the Packaging Industry all around the world with customized solutions for any small, medium or larger quality control laboratory.

With a broad line of products and services, with a full industrial expertise, Six-T7 GmbH becomes your best partner in terms of quality control.

leak test - pressure / vacuum

VLT-ECO Vacuum Leak Tester (ECO Model)

Air and water tightness test box: vacuum test

With Vacuum Generator
With Vacuum pump


The TORQUE CHECK has been developed in order to allow operators to control the torque, calibration team to check in fast way the accuracy of any torque testers and maintenance to control and adjust torque directly on capping heads.

Easy to use, just install TORQUE CHECK on the torque tester, on the cap or under the capping head and turn slowly and smoothly in opening or closing direction.

Our TORQUE CHECK can be equipped with custom-made cones for different sizes of caps.

Tests on

Bottles: Glass or PET and Preforms

Caps: Aluminium, other metal, plastic

Cans: Aluminium, others

Pots: caps, film, blisters etc.

Leak detection by setting vacuum

with or withouht step

Test curve
VLT-ECO with immersion system

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum adjustable up to - 999 mb
  • Box with dimensions upon request
  • Box made of polished transparent PMMA (very rugged)
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Equipped with manometer
  • Equipped with 3-directions valve for controlling the flow
  • Accuracy: ±2.5% F.S.
  • Equipped with vacuum generator
  • Runs with 6 bar network
  • Quick and easy of verification and calibration
  • Adjustable temporization to keep vacuum or pressure

Optional parts

  • Immersion system
  • High performance pump (vacuum -999 mb)
VLT-ECO with shelf

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