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Six-T7 gmbh is your accessories
and parts provider

SIX-T7 GmbH is an independent provider of parts, repair and service for any brand of HotRunner System. We offers a wide array of OEM quality spare parts at a substantial cost saving.

We also provide manifold melt channel leaning, full hot half refurbishment, preventative maintenanceand emergency repair service.

Six-T7 GmbH assists molders around the world in avariety of ways to increase productivity, assure quality, and control expenses.


blow molds

Applied to

PET containers for beverage industry such as water bootle,CSD bottle,HR bottle,Aseptic bottle, etc.

Various containers for the other industry, e.g. edible oil,condiment,cosmetic,protection product,and pharmaceutical etc.

Different brands of two-step blow molding machines such as SIDEL, KRONES, KHS, TECH-LONG...

Different brands of one-step blow molding machines such as SIPA,ASB,and AOKI;
Application : Aseptic Bottle, Krones Machine
450 ml
Application : Water Bottle, SIDEL Machine
500 ml
Application : CSD Bottle, SIDEL Machine
500 ml
600 ml
Application : HR Bottle, SIDEL Machine
Application : Oil Bottle, Serac Machine
2 l
blowing mould

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