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Why should you CHOOSE sixt7 gmbh quality control instruments ?

For high-quality containers
For lighter containers
To overcome production process variations
To overcome scrap issues / waste of material
To improve line efficiency and reduce overall production costs
For an Eco-friendly production


Six-T7 GmbH is providing the Packaging Industry all around the world with customized solutions for any small, medium or larger quality control laboratory.

With a broad line of products and services, with a full industrial expertise, Six-T7 GmbH becomes your best partner in terms of quality control.

torque measure

TMV7 Touch Screen Electronic Torque Tester

Our torque testers are designed with a special mechanical system for measuring torque which cancels most non-coaxial and top load influences on the measurement. These features cancel most operator induced influences on the measurement for maximum repeatability.
TMV7 with agro table or fast squeeze system
High resolution & color touch screen

Technical specifications

  • 7" Touch screen color display
  • Measures opening and closing directions
  • 0.030 to 4.000 Kgf.cm in high accuracy mode
  • Measuring range: 00.00 to 99.00 Kgf.cm
  • 3 measuring modes (mean, peak, peak+infos)
  • Special mode RELEASING & BREAKING Torque
  • Units: Kgf.cm / Inch.lbs / daN.cm / N.m / N.cm
  • Accuracy:  0.2 % of full scale
  • 30 product memory with 4 limits each
  • 4 thresholds by product (V Low, Low, High, v High)
  • Transportation case
  • 10 operators memory
  • 8 Access levels with code (op, Super op, admin)
  • Storage and transfer up to 990 measurements
  • Message + bar graph of torque value
  • Dynamic display: statistics, hour, date
  • Display: product name, operator, batch N°, line N°
  • Last measure curve
  • 1 RS232 & 1 mini-printer interface
  • Language: French / Italian / Spanish / English
  • Delivered with COFRAC calibration certificate
  • AC 110 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Enhanced agro table
Fast squeeze system

Mechanical specifications

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Dimensions:
    - 370(L) x 252(W) x255 mm (agro table)
    - 370(L) x 252(W) x282 mm (fast squeeze system
  • Choice of measuring table: Agro / Cosmetic
  • Weight: 7kg

Optional parts

  • QUALITORQ Software CFR 21- FDA (For data storage and statistics analysis)
  • Easy / Safe opening bloc
  • Mini printer
  • Calibration pack
  • Portable case
  • Battery
Mini printer (Optional)
QUALITORQ software (Optional)
Easy opening bloc (Optional)
Portable case (Optional)
Calibration pack (Optional)

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