Polymere cleaning technology

Why do metals
corrode at a much
faster rate in the
plastic industry ?

Use of
Plastics with abrasive fillers
Corrosive vapors
Plastics with high melting temperatures
Plastics which give off excessive residues, contaminants, dirt

Six-T7 gmbh maintenance products

These types of compounds can break the passive protective oxide film of stainless steel or even damage a protective coating so that corrosion penetrates.

Local Corrosion can lead to pitting and cause structural damage to metal parts. Once initiated it grows and penetrates from the surface downwards, leading to failure of the structure.

You cannot prevent exposure of steel to such plastics but you can control the corrosion and delay its degrading effect.

maintenance services

High perfomance mold maintenance products

Make your molding process more efficient

If a mold is cleaned properly down to the bare metal, it can often run efficiently without any other treatment. Our Mold Brite does just that! If a clean mold is not enough and you are having to use mold release agents, our NanoMoldRelease coatings can eliminate the need for spray-on mold releases and improve start up scrap issues and fill times while reducing mold down time.

If scrap at startup is a problem, our Mold Guard “dry” rust preventative goes on dry and does not bleed grease into the molding area. It can also be molded over without having to clean the mold first. Another cause of startup scrap from bleeding is grease. Our NanoCeramicMold Grease can withstand much higher temperatures than standard greases, therefore, eliminating bleeding. Lastly, our Zap-Ox residue remover can clean gas stains, rust and other oxides within minutes, where it may take hours with standard resin removers.

Each of these products can be used separately, but when used together this integrated family of products will make your mold run more efficiently than you ever imagined

cera lube
dri-kote &
tuff kote
mold guard &
the defender
power clean &
mold brite
zap-ox &

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