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Six-T7 GmbH is an independent provider of Quality Control devices, Blow molds, PETMold parts, repair and services
Six-T7 GmbH is a quick, dynamic, flexible, agile and responsive company
Six-T7GmbH has a fast and effective communication
Six-T7GmbH builds and develops long term customer relations
Six-T7 GmbH is a solution finder
Six-T7 GmbH is a true partner, focusing on the “3-H rules”: Humility, Honesty and Honor

Six-T7 Gmbh is a multi-card company

Six-T7 GmbH is an Austrian company offering Premium Service for all European countries (West- Central and Eastern Europe) but also Africa and Middle East.

The company was founded by Christian Kapsamer, who has a long term worldwide experience in the PET packaging industry. This helps him to understand the needs of any converters or bottlers in the industry.

His goal is to offer the best technical service for the plastic PET preform and Bottle industry. To provide dedicated, practical and economical solutions to converters and bottlers, whether this is a non-line or for a laboratory solution.

Six-T7 GmbH represents a true alternative to help customers to keep their equipment working at maximum efficiency.

Six-T7 GmbH can provide Quality Lab equipment, Blow Molds, customized cleaning and repair solutions for anyone involved in the packaging industry.

our products

Quality control

Six-T7 GmbH Quality Control

Torque measure

Leak test - pressure vacuum

Force measure / compression / dynamometers

CO² Measure / pressure / vacuum

Stress application

Dimensional & wall thickness measure

Crown cap measure & test

Burst test

Preparation equipments for weighing control

Can and end testing equipments
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Polymere cleaning technology

Six-T7 GmbH maintenance product

Corrosion “never sleeps” and once it starts, it continues, it attacks 24 hours a day…Recent studies in the EU plasticindustry show that the corrosion of steel is a major cause of direct andindirect costs (mold damage, machine premature aging, manufacturing down time,scrap, delays).

Even minute amounts of corrosionif neglected can cause malfunctions or complete equipment failures.Unfortunately, even materials resistant to corrosion like stainless steels arenot fully stain or rust proof when exposed to certain circumstances.
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PET Conversion Technology

Six-T7 GmbH is your industry accessories
and parts provider

SIX-T7 is an independent provider of parts, repair and service for any brand of HotRunner System. We offers a wide array of OEM quality spare parts at a substantial cost saving.

We also provide manifold melt channel leaning, full hot half refurbishment, preventative maintenanceand emergency repair service.

Six-T7 assists molders around the world in avariety of ways to increase productivity, assure quality, and control expenses.
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Air decontamination & restructuring

Products for a healthy and clean air everywhere

Our patented technology for air decontamination, with aunique process (DBD-Lyse – Dielectric BarrierDischarges), acts on air quality by completely destroyingall molecules of contaminants and pollutants (viruses,bacteria, germs, molds, allergens, VOCs).

The polluted airis completely restructured in a treatment chamber(reactor) into an original air with stable moleculespresent in a fresh and pure air => O², N², H²O, CO²
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